DEEP DIVE: End-user Business Analytics

Join alfabet for a free, interactive information session on planningIT's End-user Business Analytics functionality.

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012
12.00 pm (EST)
Length: 90 minutes

As the system of record for Business-IT planning and management in many organizations today, planningIT resides over a treasure of information that serves as the pivotal foundation for understanding Business-IT behavior and to be able to solve management challenges. Business Analytics Reporting aims at providing the means to investigate all the possible facets of the question at hand in order to make the best possible decision.

To properly leverage the wealth of information in planningIT to support decision-making, planningIT Release 7.1 introduces cube-based reporting on the basis of Microsoft® SQL Server® Analysis Services. This new reporting feature enables multi-dimensional data analysis, data aggregation, filtering and drill-down mechanisms for interactive, individual analysis of information. Its OLAP-based analysis delivers extremely fast results. A significant feature is the ability to decide on the most appropriate visualization form ad hoc.

Take the plunge. Join us for our DEEP DIVE into End-user Business Analytics with planningIT.


Session topics include:

Business Analytics Reporting: Theory and Practice
  • Facts, Dimensions and Hierarchies
  • Sample Reports
  • Technical Pre-requisites and Technical Architecture
Creating a Business Analytics Report from Scratch
  • Using the Microsoft Business Intelligence Development Studio
  • Configuring a Report in planningIT eXpand
Extensive Q&A throughout the session